Author: King Icewind

I like heavy switches.

Introducing the Twokey – A Stainless Steel Mini Keyboard

The Twokey is a small keyboard packing quite the heft; weighing in at almost 3/4 of a pound (10.6 oz). Its all Stainless Steel construction consists of 12GA (.109″) Top/Bottom Plates, Hex Standoffs, Screws, and Washers. The Top and Bottom Plates are CNC Plasma Cut right in my very own shop. -DIY Kit -Encoder with […]

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Ploopy: Project Ruby – Trackball Mouse

I am in the process of ordering some boards to test. I am hoping it will work right off the bat, but a lot has been added! Read below for more info. Copied from my readme file Ploopy v1.01 – Project Ruby – modified by Keys of Kings ~ King Icewind I’m a daily user […]

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The Squire V1 is now on sale!

The Squire V1 is now on sale! Info about the Squire V1: -22 to 25 key Numpad with Cherry or Matias Switches -3D Printed Case & Plate in various colors -Comes with 5 x 4-40 thread inserts (installed) and 1/2″ Alumnium Stand Offs V2 is on it’s way.

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Squire ~ Hand-wiring

Hand-wiring your Squire What is needed Case + Stand Offs Plate Pro Micro or Teensy 2.0 22-25 x Switches (Cherry, Gateron, Matias, etc.) 22-25 x 1N4148 Diode Key caps Wire – Recommended: 26 gauge Solid Strand Optional: Small Switch to easily reset Pro Micro (included with the Squire) Tools Solder Gun – Recommended: Hakko 888D […]

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