Ploopy: Project Ruby – Trackball Mouse

I am in the process of ordering some boards to test. I am hoping it will work right off the bat, but a lot has been added! Read below for more info.

Copied from my readme file

Ploopy v1.01 – Project Ruby – modified by Keys of Kings ~ King Icewind

I’m a daily user and big fan of trackballs, so many thanks to the original creators of Ploopy. This has been a fun project. I’ve dubbed my modification as Project Ruby or also known simply as Ruby.

The Ploopy was originally built in Altium. I’ve rebuilt the board in KiCad and have done some revisions. I’ve stuck with the same component naming as the original. The PCB is similar to the original but has many added features. Please also check out notes in the schematic.

Digikey parts list is also available. Just upload the excel file to an empty cart. Quality capacitors and resistors were chosen. **You will need to buy the PMW3360 sensor and XZTHI56W-1 LED elsewhere.** ***Please read notes about components below BEFORE ordering.***

Revision Log 1 – 1.9.20

-Rebuilt in KiCad: files will be available
-4 layer change: SIGNAL, GND, VCC, SIGNAL
-Add-on Board: connects via a ribbon cable. This board has a breakout shield (16×10) with the intent of adding a Bluetooth module. It also has WS2812B underneath so the full mouse can have underglow. The Adafruit Bluefruit SPI Friend will fit along with others
-Boards are attached as one PCB for ease of ordering from manufacturer
-Lithium-ion Battery charging capability added to Main Board with TI BQ21040. Off switch also added to bottom of board. Fast Charge set to 500mAh
-Main and Add-on board now mount via grounded and non ground screw locations. Can still be used as it was previously
-WS2812B RGB underglow added to Main Board and Add-On Board. Please note that you will not be able to use underglow if you’re powering the board via battery. PD3/TX is used to signal the WS2812Bs, which is often used in conjuction with Bluetooth
-3 buttons on bottom for intended use of turning off/changing RGB underglow, DPI, etc.
-Piezo buzzer added: use for fun sounds like low battery, cable connected, etc. Capacitor optional
-Capacitors and Resistors now 0603 to better accommodate the additional parts

-USB B port replaced with through-hole USB C for ease of hand soldering (hot air) and strength
-VBUS now has a PTC resettable fuse
-USB GND changed to just ferrite

-AP2202K-3.3 replaced with TPS73133DBVR for even less voltage drop, less noise, and more protection features
-AP2204K-1.8 replaced with TPS73118DBVR “” “” “”
-BYPASS capacitor used for TPS73118DBVR for low noise operation

5V (VBUS), 3.3V, 1.8V LED indicators added

-RESET button added for easier flashing with QMK. You may still flash through the headers, although many of these pins are also tied to the Add-on Board/Bluetooth, so it may be best to disconnect the Add-On board if flashing the ATMEGA32u4.
-CS, SCLK, MOSI, MISO, PB7, PDO/SLA, PD1/SDA, PD3/TX, PD5, PC6/PWM, 3V3, 5V, GND are now broken out to a ribbon cable connector which attaches to the Add-on Board for additional mods
-Crystal grounded
-AREF connected to battery to measure voltage. With programming the piezo buzzer can be used to notify low battery

-THE XZTHI56W-1 and comparable spec IR LEDs are hard to find: Footprint was modified to support through hole IR LEDs and 2-SMD/Boomerang (AA4040SF4S-P22). These may require modification of the wheel

-Files available in Autodesk Fusion 360 – I don’t have the original design files, so these are imported STL files
-USB port modified to support USB C
-Case extended to support holding a lithium-ion battery. Internal battery cover also added. A 1000mAh lithium-ion battery will fit.
-Extra screw mounts for PCB
-Bottom Reset and other button access
-Side piece that supports the Main and Vertical board has been modified to support a mounting screw underneath
-PLA markings removed from bottom
-Keys of Kings crown badge added
-Additional case files added: Case modified to support printing with smaller resin SLA/DLP 3D Printers
-Additional case files added: Left handed case added with above changes


-USB C CC lines pulled down with 5.1K resistors: Max current 900mA. Though you shouldn’t exceed 500mA
-LFXTAL055663 (crystal) quantity is low on Digikey: suggested part change to ABMM2-8.000MHZ-D6-T
-TPS73118DBVR and TPS73133DBVR are more expensive but worth the cost in my opinion. If you must save $0.60 replace with TLV70018, TLV0033.
-LED PWR Indicators are optional. The MCU is equipped with a LED, but, lighty lights. Resistors used were 1k and 100 ohm to save on unique parts as they were already used in the project. Please read schematic for more info.

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