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Let’s Split Component Kit Group Buy + Individual Parts & Gateron/Matias Switches

Let’s Split Component Kit Group Buy Group Buy Info This Group Buy will last for 10 days: ending on December 16th. Parts will be ordered immediately. PLEASE NOTE: The Pro Micro Controllers and Gateron Switches are being ordered from China/Taiwan. These will take a few weeks to reach Keys of Kings. I do not have a definite time on […]

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Hot Swap Connector Group Buy Status

11/11-11/14 – Parts have all been ordered 11/16 – Recieved Switch & LED Tin connectors. 11/21-12/1 – Shipping! Completed Orders #544-621 (a few international orders aren’t done). I only have a few left, so they should be done hopefully tomorrow! Thank you for your patience! These are taking longer to count than anticipated. My parts counter measures to […]

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Group Buy for Hot Swap Connectors Now Open!

Group Buy Info Minimum order quantity of 50 Available to all countries Group Buy will end on 11/10 (10 days) Expect delivery 11/21-30 (or sooner depending on amount of participants, also please don’t forget Thanksgiving is that week) PLEASE NOTE: These don’t fit all boards! The RS78 may or may not be incompatible. If you know […]

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