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Let’s Split Case, Gherkin Case & PCB Group Buy, Paladin Keyboard

Hello everyone! It’s taking a bit longer than originally anticipated, however, the Let’s Split case is finally moving to a production stage. It is quite nice and have no doubt you guys will love it! I will also be hosting a group buy for the Gherkin PCB, components, and a Keys of Kings designed case! […]

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Let’s Split Component Kit Group Buy + Individual Parts & Gateron/Matias Switches

Let’s Split Component Kit Group Buy Group Buy Info This Group Buy will last for 10 days: ending on December 16th. Parts will be ordered immediately. PLEASE NOTE: The Pro Micro Controllers and Gateron Switches are being ordered from China/Taiwan. These will take a few weeks to reach Keys of Kings. I do not have a definite time on […]

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Let’s Split Case (Full) + Additional Parts

Switchtop just dropped some Let’s Split PCBs on us. The standard case is two pieces with stand off screws in the middle. I’m working on a case that will allow a middle layer (or two), which means no spills and dust on your board. The bottom layer will also have threaded holes for the stand […]

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