Help test custom TRRS Cables & Micro/Mini USB Cables

Keys of Kings is in need of people to test custom TRRS Cables & Micro/Mini USB Cables. They will come nearly fully assembled with paracord sheathing. The shrink wrap will be on the cable, but not ‘shrunk’ as to show proper soldering points. You will need to shrink it yourself at a later time. As […]

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Let’s Split Component Kit Group Buy Status

Pro Micro Controllers –┬áReceived TRRS Cables – Received – Matias Quiet Clicks Switches – Received Gateron Black/Blue/Brown Switches –┬áReceived Diodes – Received – TRRS Connectors – Received Resistors – Received Working on shipping orders! 1/15/17-1/22/17 Please check back on this page for further info. Thank you, Keys of Kings

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