Introducing the Twokey – A Stainless Steel Mini Keyboard

The Twokey is a small keyboard packing quite the heft; weighing in at almost 3/4 of a pound (10.6 oz). Its all Stainless Steel construction consists of 12GA (.109″) Top/Bottom Plates, Hex Standoffs, Screws, and Washers. The Top and Bottom Plates are CNC Plasma Cut right in my very own shop.

-DIY Kit
-Encoder with Switch + 2 Switches
-In house CNC Plasma Cut 12GA (0.109″) Stainless Steel Top & Bottom Plates
-Plates are sent ready for you to finish to your desire (Polished, Brushed, Painted)
-Stainless Steel Standoffs and Screws (M3)
-Keys of Kings designed PCB Supports:
-Cherry, Matias, & Choc Switches (Cherry Switches only with 12GA Plates)
-Backlight Switches
-RGB Underglow
-Piezo Buzzer for all your Buzzy Fun Sounds

Base Kit comes with Stainless Steel Plates & Hardware, PCB, and PCB Components. Gateron Switches, Keycaps, and 44mm Aluminum Rotary Knob are optional.

Price ranges from $85.99 – $99.99 depending on options + Shipping If you order more than one you also receive a discount.

Additional PCBs and PCBs with Component Kits are available.


**I’m currently in production on the plates and have the majority of the rest of the components already. I need to order the Aluminum knobs still, and would like to have a count. The Knob you see in the pictures is one I turned myself, and not you will receive. The Knob you will receive (link)!

Check it out here: Twokey DIY Kit!

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